Rock Band


1. Choose your room and hours required

2. Add any equipment required

3. Choose a date from the available slots shown

4. Insert promo code (if applicable)

5. Pay

And you're done! 

(Please note we no longer accept PayPal payments)

Call or message Neil on 07947475124 with any queries about availability 



Our room hire rates include:

RCF Vocal PA 

Vocal mics, cables & mic stands

Extra equipment is also available to hire at the following rates per session:


Drum Kit (Shell's & Stands only) - £5

Full Drum Kit (inc. Cymbals and Snare)  - £10

Guitar Amps - £4

Bass Amps - £4

Guitar & Bass Cabs are free for all to use

Small Rehearsal Room

6 x 3 meters

£10 per hour

Large Rehearsal Room

6 x 6 meters

£12 per hour


COVID-19 On-site measures

You are required to wash your hands when entering the building and use the provided hand sanitiser

Antibacterial wipes and spray are supplied for each band to wipe down the mixers and guitar amps

Fans can be used during or between practice sessions to circulate air

We strongly encourage you to wear face coverings in enclosed rehearsal rooms


Solo artists or single people practicing

If you are a solo artist who wants some rehearsal time or a single person looking to practice on your own - we have you covered! 

Use discount code: SOLO when booking and you'll get 50% off the total booking. 


We are still offering discounts!!

Solo discount code: SOLO

Weekend discounts code: WEEKEND-DISCOUNT

Student discount code: STUDENT-DISCOUNT